Dedicated to helping animals in need around the PNW.

20% of profits from this entire site are donated to animal rescue efforts
& to help local low-income seniors with vet expenses

In advance, thank you for your time, support, and love of animals!

Saving the lost. the forgotten. and, the old.

Meet our Staff

The best kind of therapy is the kind that come with paw prints.

Introducing our "Staff"... they decide what to sell, where to travel and they help me spread the word about "Pause 4 Paws" around the PNW.

Meet Tank-CEO

I am 14 years young and a rescue from Seattle Humane Society. My body doesn’t quite keep up with my inner child  but my mom has found some CBD and meds that help me with my kidney, liver and tumors. She will tell you all about caring for a senior large dog. 

Meet Spartan-Marketing

I am the puppy in the family and a rescue.  I am 100% of a challenge to keep entertained otherwise… bad things happen. Follow my puppy adventures.

Meet Titan-HR

I was rescued during my last hour on death row in an overcrowded Texas shelter. They called me “un-adoptable”, nobody bothered to find out that the reason I was so shy and cranky was due to me dying from massive infestations from parasites. I found hard to stay alive and overcome my fears from being picked on while being raised by a hoarder who tied me to a pole from the time I was born until the animal rescue team picked us all up. My mom has so much advice on “high needs” rescues. One day she saved me and I spend every day saving her back. 

What to do when your pet goes missing..

Great advice from vets, owner, rescue shelters & pet detectives.

Dog friendly events in Seattle

Ways for you to socialize with your dogs (cats not welcome)

Check out these local (Seattle-ish) events that are dog friendly..

“Life is best when covered in dog fur”

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